Keeping the task in mind

May it be for project planning, problem solving, analysis purposes or comprehensive documentation.  TPC is ideal for many different applications.  It effectively supports problem solving and process optimization.  It is a tool that supports an engineer, freeing their time up for engineering work rather than spending time preparing reports from various data sources.  It supports routine tasks, such as automated generation of various fundamental reports which keeps you flexible as an engineer.  Data from multiple sources can be combined in reports in new ways at any time.  TPC enables you to reconfigure and visualise parameters and their correlations, integrate your own formulas or quickly incorporate customised engineering formulas.

When it comes to team work, quality management and clear communication with everyone involved in the project, TPC is an effective tool that minimizes bureaucratic expense while performing many routine tasks itself.  The spectrum ranges from shift and ring reports, damage and repair reports with error messages, data evaluation based on time, ring or station through to daily performance reports and tunnelling documentation.  Almost everything is generated automatically, structured clearly and transferred with the target in mind.