Information As You Need It, When You Need It from Where You Need It

TPC allows you to view project progress through real time data for a comprehensive and detailed overview of the project.  All key parameters can be viewed at a glance via online traffic light indication.  Analyse project progress through summarised historical data.
Nothing important will pass you by if you let TPC's Expert System track the project for you.  TPC offers several setting and automation options which allow the user to configure precise targets and requirements.  Desired information is then sent automatically by email.
The screens can be customised to be in line with the required functionality and user preferences. 
Track the settlement measurements and the TBM travel live through the Geographical Information System (GIS).
This can be performed anytime from anywhere since TPC is available as an application on the LAN, on the WEB using RIA technology, and as a Mobile App on your Smartphone or Tablet.