Single point of access to multiple data sources

  • Seamless connection to any type and brand of TBM
  • Integrate survey and monitoring data including monitoring of shafts and buildings
  • Information about actual vs. design geological conditions 
  • Any kind of individual entries such as counting of muck cars, information of visual tunnel face inspections
  • Integrate other systems data
Utilization throughout a projects entire lifecycle
  • Prior to excavation store and manage structural reference measurements
  • During excavation for cost control, QC / QM, risk assessment, incident analysis
  • After project close data remains available for reporting, claims, damage analysis, and design of future projects
Vendor Independent
  • Allows for flexibility in contracting different companies for construction work and structural monitoring while having only ONE software to manage the project with
Time saving features for CM work and engineering services
  • TPC's automated reporting feature will free up to focus on the engineering endeavour at hand versus the time spent in compiling and producing reports.
  • TPC provides access to the data and facilitates interaction with specialist sub-consultants.
  • It is flexible for the further analysis and processing of the available data and allows customised data interpretation. 
  • Assists with managing non-conformance reports and quality issues inside the tunnel, based on mobile units.
Enhance performance by process optimisation
  • TPC provides flexible tools for parameter analysis such as TBM downtime analysis, cutter tools analysis, and parameter correlation
A flexible tool to process any internal work flow and control requirements.
Tunnelling experienced TPC expert engineers can provide as needed review support.