Single point of access to multiple data sources

  • Seamless connection to any type and brand of TBM

  • Integrate survey and monitoring data including monitoring of shafts and buildings

  • Information about actual vs. design geological conditions 

  • Analyse information about supply materials and consumables such as tool wear, conditioner consumption, segment and lining quality

  • Any kind of individual entries such as muck car count and  visual tunnel face inspection information

  • Integrate other systems data

Utilization throughout a projects entire lifecycle

  • During excavation for cost control, QC / QM, risk assessment, incident analysis

  • After project close data remains available for reporting, claims, damage analysisand  design of future projects

Insurance company negotiations

  • An asset when negotiating with insurance companies due to the comprehensive and accurate information maintained by the system and the possibility of automatic alarm systems

Time saving reporting feature

  • TPC's automated reporting feature affords more time to focus on the engineering endeavour at hand versus the time spent in compiling and producing reports.

  • Semi-automatic shift reporting easy to complete inside the tunnel and on the surface.

Enhance performance by process optimisation

  • TPC provides flexible tools for parameter analysis such as TBM downtime analysis, cutter tools analysis, and parameter correlation.

Data Safety

  • Defined level of safety from direct physical control of the server on-site to access controlled remote applications.

  • Level of information details by assigning user groups and rights.

Manage all projects from a single application

  • Multi server capability provides the ability to manage all of the contractor's projects in a single application and have the data available for later evaluation as well for future projects.

A flexible tool to process any internal work flow and control requirements.