Single point of access to multiple data sources

  • Integrate survey and monitoring data including monitoring of shafts and buildings

  • Information about actual vs. design geological conditions 

  • Seamless connection to any type and brand of TBM

  • Show the current safety situation in real time and on project plans as well on satellite views.

  • Any kind of individual entries such as counting of muck cars, information of visual tunnel face inspections

  • Integrate other systems data

Utilization throughout a projects entire lifecycle

  • Prior to excavation store and manage structural reference measurements

  • During excavation for cost control, QC / QM, risk assessment, incident analysis

  • After project close data remains available for reporting, claims, damage analysis, design of future projects

Vendor independent

  • Allows for flexibility in contracting different companies for construction work and structural monitoring while having only ONE software to manage the project with.

  • Scale the application to your needs by adding additional work sites only if and when required.

Insurance company negotiations

  • An asset when negotiating with insurance companies due to the comprehensive and accurate information and documentation maintained by the system.