Exactly how you want it

Tunnelling Process Control (TPC) is a comprehensive TBM monitoring, visualization, analysis and data information management tool / system which facilitates the work on tunnel projects by combining geotechnical, structural and excavation information into one system. » Read More «

Regardless of your involvement in the tunneling project TPC has many advantages for you.


Information as and when you need it

TPC provides real time connection to your projects anytime from wherever you are. » Read More «

Real Time Database on Your Server, Intranet / LAN Connection, App for Smartphones and Tablets WEB Based RIA (Rich Internet Application)

Many special features that make monitoring your projects easy:

Geographical Information System (GIS)

Geographical Information
System (GIS)

Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring

Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring

TPC Report Builder

TPC Report Builder

Segment Tracker

Segment Tracker

Quality Management Quality Control (QM/QC)

Quality Management
Quality Control (QM/QC)

TPC Watchdog

Watchdog Functions
and TPC Cube


Keeping the task in mind

Easy and intuitive TPC delivers many standard reports and analysis functions. Additionally, TPC can be individually tailored for the special needs of your project. » Read More «

  • Connect to Any Surveillance and TBM Type

  • Multiple Data Interface

  • TPC Report Options

  • Customized Desktop Visualization

  • Vendor Independence

  • Single Point Access

  • Expert System

  • Data Archiving

  • Multi Project Provisions

  • Use Throughout a Projects Lifecycle


In every situation

TPC saves you time and money in every phase of your project. » Read More «

  • Intuitive and Easy

  • Automates Routine Tasks

  • Saves engineering time

  • Maintenance Control

  • Insurance company negotiations?
    One-click structural information

  • Incident Analysis and Problem Solving

  • Staff Management

  • Claim Support Analysis