TPC provides fully integrated real time displays of geotechnical and structural measurements from various instrumentation brands.

  • Monitors the interaction of TBM excavation and surrounding ground and structures.
  • Displays information as graphs and views.
  • Available on mobile devices.
  • Includes alarm functions to avoid risks due to
    geological breaks
  • GIS display

Quality Management and Quality Control (QM/QC) is aided via this flexible reporting feature.  Reporting is easily automated through the creation of report distribution lists and frequencies.  Various formats are available online, in hard or in PDF format.

  • Standard Reports – A large number of predefined standard reports including high quality diagrams and graphs are ready for use, which are automatically generated and distributed.  This reduces the time on report preparation and distribution significantly andestablishes a consistent report format for the project.
  • Report Builder – Allows Customized report layouts to be  specially tailored for any requirement.  Achieve flexibility by allowing data to be used from multiple sources.  The Flex View feature provides zoom in and out capability  for report preview.
  • Quick Chart – For fast and easy data analysis Quick Chart is an ideal tool for project meetings or if a quick analysis is required.  This feature automatically plots a line graph based on a chosen variable displayed against time, ring or chainage.
  • Shift Reports – This feature reduces time spent manually managing shift data and generates shift reports.  The report contents can be filtered and notes can be manually added.
  • Correlation Diagrams – Scatter plot diagrams can easily be generated which show the correlation between any two parameters. Create new, user specific parameters by adding mathematical formulas.
  • Combined X-Axis Diagrams – This unique graph displays user specified parameters against the combination of time and position.
  • Excel Spreadsheet export is supported.



Important information such as TBM key performance indicators, Watch Dog status, GIS information and project statistics are available any time at your fingertips.  This TPC Mobile App is available for Apple© and Android© based devices.


Keep track of a segment throughout its lifecycle, from production plant through installation in the tunnel to any repair work of the final tunnel lining, with this all-inclusive tool for documenting segment history.

  • Manage information such as segment production details from the factory, acceptance information from the job site and once installed in the tunnel.
  • Use the photo documentation function to store photographs of segment damage or repair work.  Photographs can be collected easily with a mobile device, smartphone or digital camera and subsequently be integrated into the TPC database.  Storing and reporting on all of this information digitally allows for the reduction of extensive paperwork.
  • As a whole it offers the basis for full scale segment overview and quality control.
  • Use the segment tracker for easy tunnel inspections as a guiding tool for identifying damages and changes on the fly directly into the system.


Monitors user defined tunnelling parameters continuously, 24/7, utilising alarm functions and email notifications.

  • User defined trigger and limit values are set in the system
  • Adjustable delay functions make sure that only decisive limit violations send an alarm
  • Alarm messages are sent via the application, email, SMS or registered and displayed by the TPC Cube, a
    desktop signalling device
TPC Watchdog and TPC Cubes

Users can quickly and easily customize real-time screen views for their individual requirements.

  • Customize your screens based on your requirement as Shift Engineer, Resident Engineer, Safety Engineer, QM Inspector, etc. to simplify your day-to-day project operations.
TPC Watchdog and TPC Cubes

The Formula Editor allows mathematical calculations, combinations or parameter comparisons to be stored as new "Calculated Sensors".  Once created, these sensors are continuously re-calculated, stored and visually presented to allow for enhanced data mining.

Cutting tools are a major cost item on any project.  TPC provides the capability to better track tool wear as well as offering features for maintenance planning and for predicting future tool consumption.  This is supported through analytical tools and displays.  The Wear Module can even correlate to other TBM data.

Once a project is completed valuable information is easily archived using this automated function for use in analysis of the completed project.

Thorough project documentation is essential to guarantee a high quality tunnel.  TPC is the tool to set up complete project documentation by using.

  • TPC Report Options for printouts of high quality design with all information required
  • Segment Tracker to control and document the quality of the final lining
  • Single point access to ensure information is available for  all parties involved in real time
  • Digital documentation to save paper.

For tunnelling projects mitigating risk is an essential part of project planning and the construction phase. TPC helps ensure a safe tunnelling process by:

  • Incorporating alarm functions and notifications by the Watch Dog function and the TPC Cube
  • Analysing the face support pressure
  • Analysing design and in-situ geology to enable an adapted TBM drive according to real conditions
  • Analysing the muck balance
  • Incorporating and analysing geotechnical and superficial monitoring

For the stability of tunnel construction the balance between theoretical and actual excavated ground material is of major concern.  Therefor control of muck balance is important.  TPC allows for control:

  • On Slurry TBM projects by analysing the material flow in the feeding versus discharge line
  • On EPB TBMs by analysing the mass control devices of conveyor belts or the counting of muck cars


To control the costs of tunnel construction is a major concern of all parties involved. TPC supportscost control by:

  • Avoiding incidents due to easy analysis of all decisive parameters
  • Saving valuable engineering time
  • Enhancing performance by process optimisation
  • Controlling TBM maintenance
  • Analysis of material consumption and of tool wear
  • Claim analysis

TPC allows you to manage and share all the data relating to the tunnel project with one software by:

  • Providing seamless connection to any type and brand of TBM
  • Integrating survey and monitoring data including monitoring of shafts and buildings
  • Providing information about actual vs. design geological conditions 
  • Allowing any kind of individual entries such as counting of muck cars, information of visual tunnel face inspections
  • Integrating other systems data

TPC is used in all stages of the project:

  • Prior to excavation by storing and managing structural reference measurements
  • During excavation for cost control, QC / QM, risk assessment, and incident analysis
  • After project close by archiving data and making it available for reporting, claims, damage analysis, and design of future projects


TPC allows for flexibility in contracting different companies for construction work and structural monitoring while having only ONE software to manage the project with.